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How it Works

BrandEnvoy allows you to earn top dollar from your blogs, websites and applications

Create your account

Start by creating a free account and adding your website(s) to the BrandEnvoy Marketplace.

Install tracking code

Our technology integrates into your website swiftly and without any hassle. Simply copy and paste our tracking code into any page you want to monetize.

Your audiences get listed

Your websites will then appear to agencies and brands in the BrandEnvoy Marketplace.

You get paid

You get paid every time one of your audience makes an impression on an Ad being served

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Why Publishers Love BrandEnvoy

Say hello to new revenues

Generate new revenues by capturing a portion of ad dollars currently going to Google and Facebook.

Complements existing monetization activities.

BrandEnvoy has no impact on your ad inventory and is totally complementary to your existing content monetization activities.

Monetize content without cluttering your site with ads

BrandEnvoy is the perfect solution for premium publishers who wish to deliver an uncompromising user experience to their audiences.

Your Data is protected

BrandEnvoy DOES NOT capture, resell or share your precious data with any third party. We offer you complete transparency and control over which audience segments you want to monetize.

Get paid in full

Advertisers use BrandEnvoy to convert consumers that are close to making a purchasing decision. As such, they are willing to pay top dollar to gain access to your audience.

Get paid fast

You get paid at the end of every month in which an advertiser purchased your audience.


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