Promotional Campaign (Argentina Stores Bahrain)

Retail Outlet Branding & Customer Drive

Case Study: Argentina Stores Bahrain   – A super-mart chain in Bahrain contacted Brand Envoy Africa for a campaign. Sales revenue had dropped by almost 60% and a competitor fighting dirty. This competitor whom we immediately recognized as using the guerrilla marketing tact on our client was opening up their smaller stores next to all our client’s stores across Bahrain.

Campaign CTA:  A cross section of the shoppers were given a shoppers delight form which we created and an amazing fact was discovered. Most of them were Filipino and quickly rushed in at the end of their work day tired. We also discovered that a major part of their week was when they had to remit money back home.

This gave us an idea. We quickly engaged and partnered with one of the biggest forex exchange houses in Bahrain and gave them an in-store spot. This gave our shoppers the luxury of carrying out two major activities at once. This activity was promoted across social media, via google display networks and offline via marketing campaigns. Sales shot up by 84%,

Result: Sales shot up by 84% and shopper retention by 59%. Our client has 3 more outlets opening in August 2020. Yipee!