For some years now, the smartphone industry has taken a nose dive in sales, people had lost interest in their new developments as they had taken a pause on innovation. They seemed to have slowed down in coming up with new things to entertain the masses, it was basically the same old boring story. But there has been a turn, a new technology seems to be breaking the internet this 2019, foldable phones. Phones that are flexible and can be folded in two without breaking.
Samsung, Huawei and other rivals are looking into these flexible screens to make phones more diverse and pleasurable, having a phone and a min tab rolled up in one. The prices however are being questioned cause words on the street is these phones are not “affordable”, also being questioned is the durability of this new technology. It is expected that if you keep folding and unfolding there should be some form of wear and tear, I mean haven’t we been through this with the flip phone era, which no kidding was pretty cool and possibly where they got the idea from, bringing the old and the new together ‘Bringing Cool Back”, even Nokia had a foldable phone, I’d like to think they came up with it first, lol, though it wasn’t touch screen back then.
Justin Denison, Samsung’s senior vice president of mobile product marketing said, “we have been living in a world where the size of a screen can only be as large as the device itself, we have just entered a new dimension”.
Samsung is looking to release the device sometime in April. The sales of smartphones had been falling as I previously said, it was the same old thing, new phones had no difference from their predecessors, the only upgrades seemed to be better cameras and batteries. Sales had declined by about four percent for about 12 months which ended in September last year. Samsung, suffered a seven percent decrease in shipment during that time based on IDC’s calculations.
Currently there’s no say on whether these bendy devices will have an appeal on the masses as these phones are said to cost more than the iPhone X series, which seemed pricey already and shoot straight for over a $1000. With the price comes the question of how durable the screen is, and after a while of folding is it going to be all creased up and defeat the purpose of getting it instead of reading a hard copy book? Imagine watching and seeing wrinkles on the faces because your screen is squeezing up, hopefully there will be a review addressing these issues.

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