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Maynard Bassetts revives ‘set the juice loose’ to ‘breathe new life’ into the brand
10Sep, 2020

Maynard Bassetts revives ‘set the juice loose’ to ‘breathe new life’ into the brand

Maynard Bassett’s is bringing back its ‘set the juice loose’ strapline in a new marketing campaign as it looks to “breath new life” into the brand. The campaign marks the first time Maynard Bassetts has advertised since 2016 in a bid to re-engage with consumers and build purpose into products and the master brand. Maynard

How to build a lasting brand
07Jun, 2020

How to Build a Lasting Brand

by Danielle Sabrina Developing a lasting brand can be a challenging exercise for even the most experienced entrepreneur, and it’s tempting to rush through or completely outsource. I’ve done both, more than once, and neither led to a result that I felt truly reflected me or my business.  One of the lessons I’ve learned when it comes to branding is that

Clutch awards brand envoy as best marketing agency in nigeria. Brand Envoy Africa's CEO, Temple Obike was elated and saw this as an opportunity to do more.
07Sep, 2019

Clutch Awards Brand Envoy Africa Top Advertising & Marketing Agency Leader in Nigeria

“As a branding, advertising and marketing agency, being recognized by Clutch as a sector leader means a lot to our company. It meant the intentional years of hard-work that went into building the “Brand Envoy Africa” brand have not been a waste. Positively beneficial business opportunities have come through the Clutch platforms via appointment leads

03May, 2017

Indomie BelleFull Pack is Here

Nigeria’s number one noodle brand, Indomie, recently made history as it unveiled a new brand extension, Bellefull Pack. Considered as Nigerian’s first consumer named chicken flavour noodle brand, Bellefull is the result of a painstaking research embarked upon by Indomie; which had the brand asking consumers what more it could do for them. Consumers echoed