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14Aug, 2019

Google Will Finally Lift Its Ban on Fantasy Sports Ads

The change will roll out in select states later this month Google is preparing to lift its longstanding ban on advertisements for fantasy sports services, Adweek has learned. The change—which will be rolling out in select states by the end of this month—will allow media buyers to advertise across Google Ads and DV360, offering media buyers

03Jun, 2019


Having a radiating personality will leave your competition asking where you went to. You must have a brand that leaves a lasting impression after customers engage with it. You must be remembered for something. Add some flavor to your brand. Winning brands are comparable to people… We are often drawn to those with strong, positively-impactful

FCKing Awesome Campaign
13May, 2019

KFC’s FCK Clever Campaign is One of The Best We’d Seen.

The KFC apology campaign was one memorable one. The origins of the episode go back to October 2017, when the fast-food chain ended its relationship with food-delivery specialist Bidvest Logistics in favour of a contract with Quick Service Logistics and Deutsche Post-owned DHL, the latter best known for its home-delivery services. The hubris on display

03May, 2019

Solar Battery Charger

Imagine charging your phone in 2 hours or less using the power of Solar. This amazing new device can be strapped on to your back-pack. It’s a must have device for anyone looking at working more efficiently.    

24Feb, 2019

Toyota creates augmented reality experience for new model

Toyota GB has partnered with digital agency Brandwidth to launch an augmented reality iPad application, which allows customers to explore the inside of Toyota’s C-HR model. The app will primarily be used in showrooms, shopping centres and trade shows, and uses both AR and objective recognition software to overlay the hybrid car’s inner workings on

06Jan, 2019

Political Campaign Agency In Nigeria for Candidate Advertising

In the past eight years, we have actively helped political candidates secure their desired seats by using traditional means of advertising but gradually encompassing more digital channels as literacy-levels improves. From the days of utilizing billboards, radio and TV adverts till date we have played dominant yet covert roles in branding and helping campaign managers,

31Dec, 2018

A Happy New “Election” Year, Nigeria!!

Nigerians Vote Wisely This New Year!!! A new year is here and  we have to make sure some mistakes are not repeated. Brand Envoy Nigeria Limited is wishing *YOU* and 50Million other Nigerians a happy New Year of Hope, Health, Happiness and Progress in all our lives. Have a happy new year. Brandenvoy Africa Limited

05Oct, 2018

Digital Marketing- Will Block-chain Affect It?

Blockchain is defined as a digital, decentralized technology that keeps a record of the transactions that take place on the peer-to-peer networks. The list of records continuously grows. These records are stored securely in numerous decentralized systems that are interconnected. As the blockchain doesn’t have a centralized point, it doesn’t have a single point of