Public Relations Case Study – Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya

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Case Study: VeeTee is an African mobile video on demand streaming platform owned by Anttention Media. They partnered with a Live on demand entertainment provider SPI to onboard “Live” channels on the veetee mobile streaming mobile app.  This service was offered to MTN Nigeria by VeeTee’s parent company as a subscription on demand service.

Campaign CTA: The campaign to get subscribers was a two-pronged process.

Strategy 1: The first part of the campaign was to create a lot of awareness regarding the mobile video on demand platform and it’s new channels across Africa because the streaming model was going to be replicated across other telecommunications. This necessitated a massive successful P.R campaign that was published in online, print and TV mediums across Africa and beyond. The campaign was received in English, French and Arabic speaking regions of Africa.

STRATEGY 2: A mobile campaign was embarked on on the network side. This campaign involved reaching a sub-segment of data users who purchased over 20GB and above monthly as they were the ones most likely to utilize a streaming service built around live channels without much complaints on subscription costs. This campaign was run over a two month period.


Result: The campaign and massive public relation activity piqued the interest of international telecommunication operators who also provided VeeTee the required support to on-board this service on their networks without the usual frustrations. Secondly, in the primary market (Nigeria) the service was launched and had a staggering 6,000 subscriber count within 6 months of launch.

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