#6: PDP / APC / APGA Political Mass Enlistment Campaign Management

Case Study: We conducted Mass Enlistment campaigns for both the APC, PDP and APGA party aspirants from the governorship to the presidential level. These aspirants were promoted based on the amount of work and dedication they had put into governance in the former offices they occupied.

Campaign CTA: A landing page was created for the aspirants and a mini feedback form included for the citizens to put in any information they wanted to get across to the aspirant. The aspirant would then address the top 5 prevalent issues which we placed on the landing page after which we sent back messages to the citizens who commented to let them know that there was a feedback from the aspirant for them.

Result: This campaign module was very effective as there was a high rate of inter-party conversions within the citizenry as opinions swayed with over 120,000 new supporters per aspirant.