We are a leading brand consulting firm. Our services help you with strategy, visual identity, and messaging. Our brand consultants are consumate professionals who have cut their teeth with various brands over the years.

It’s a mess out there in the brand market-place because everyone is trying to sell something. Unfortunately, customers have stopped listening to what brands are saying but listening to what other people are saying about Your brand.

Some are selling not so ethically and have left a litany of dissatisfied customers who other brands will still encounter on their brand journey.

Our Mission is to’

  1. Understand You and Your Brand

  2. Assist in Organizing you for the Next Wave

  3. Communicate Your Brand Marketing Message Creatively, Effectively yet Naturally

  4. Critical Think out Results that can be tweaked and Re-used.

  5. Use our Extensive Experience & Network to Give Your Brand the desired Reach.


If you truly understand the reason the ranchers and cowboys branded their cattle you may start to understand commercial branding as well. Back in the day, ranches moved their cattle from their ranch to the cattle stock yards to sell them. The cowboys and ranchers needed to protect their cattle.

This is the same thing that a business goes through. The owner / CEO and all the employees work really hard providing a great product and/or service and do not want some yokel coming in and stealing their clients or intellectual property.

So how do you stop this. Here are a few samples of some famous early cattle brands.

Early TX cattle brands image

As you can see these are all very different and unique. They do a great job of differentiating each ranch and their cattle. So how does this relate to modern day branding? These days, instead of branding the cattle with a cattle brand, businesses brand their buildings with signs, they brand their employees with company outfits, they brand their image with business cards, brochures and web sites.

A brand management firm then is very similar to the cowboy or ranch owner that created their unique brand and actually branded each and every cattle so they are not stolen. Brand Envoy Digital, like the cowboy, brands each and every part of your business and helps companies to manage their brand.