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Having a radiating personality will leave your competition asking where you went to. You must have a brand that leaves a lasting impression after customers engage with it. You must be remembered for something. Add […]

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Solar Battery Charger

Imagine charging your phone in 2 hours or less using the power of Solar. This amazing new device can be strapped on to your back-pack. It’s a must have device for anyone looking at working […]

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Loving Cola

I have always been in love with Coca-Cola. But, Pepsi has me hooked with their new Advert featuring Steve Carell, Cardi B and Lil Jon. Who else feels like Pepsi is going to stay winning […]

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For some years now, the smartphone industry has taken a nose dive in sales, people had lost interest in their new developments as they had taken a pause on innovation. They seemed to have slowed […]

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