Loving Cola

I have always been in love with Coca-Cola. But, Pepsi has me hooked with their new Advert featuring Steve Carell, Cardi B and Lil Jon. Who else feels like Pepsi is going to stay winning […]

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For some years now, the smartphone industry has taken a nose dive in sales, people had lost interest in their new developments as they had taken a pause on innovation. They seemed to have slowed […]

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A Happy New “Election” Year, Nigeria!!

Nigerians Vote Wisely This New Year!!! A new year is here and  we have to make sure some mistakes are not repeated. Brand Envoy Nigeria Limited is wishing *YOU* and 50Million other Nigerians a happy […]

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Digital Marketing- Will Block-chain Affect It?

Blockchain is defined as a digital, decentralized technology that keeps a record of the transactions that take place on the peer-to-peer networks. The list of records continuously grows. These records are stored securely in numerous […]

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I-Fitness Free Breast Scan

Free Breast Scans at IFitness, Agungi. Date: Oct 27 Venue: IFitness, Agungi Time: 8:30am – 12pm We support Breast Cancer Awareness. Be there, get tested.

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